Live fast, work fast, these are the two rules of the modern society. Therefore, all companies are looking for tools to save time and thus be more productive. By having their own photocopier they are making huge savings in terms of time.

Used to reproduce multiple copies of a document or picture, it more than useful.

One of the Best Photocopiers (Photocopieurs)

As far as the working of the copying machine is concerned, it is said that it works on the advanced technology known as Xerography. This particular technique works in two different steps:


    1. Electrostatic charges are used to attract toned particles onto a light sensitive photoreceptor.


  • The attracted powdered particles are transferred onto the piece of paper.


For successful commencement of both these steps, heat, pressure or both forms of energy are used to fuse the toner upon the document.

Different kinds of photocopiers…
It is up to you to choose, based on the printing requirements of your company, colored or monochrome copying machines. You will discover than the offer is great and diversified and lots of vendors are dealing with the same field. They are all using high-tech advancements in order to propose products that are always one step ahead of the current technology trends.
Even with a huge competition between manufacturers, some of them have succeeded enough to become well established in people minds and hearts. One of the most remarkable example of this is the Korean company Samsung that is producing the Samsung Photocopier (Photocopieur Samsung) which is actually one of the most demanded products on the market.