As the name says it all, Printer (Imprimante) is a machine that is used mainly for printing purposes. Overall, it can be used for reproducing multiple copies of a textual document or a photographic image. You can obtain a printer in any one of the colored or monochrome (black and white) format.

To buy this kind of machine, you have to take in count the printing requirements of your company, analyze what is available on the market and see which printer is likely to match your expectations.

One of the Best Photocopiers (Photocopieurs)

During the last decades, different types of printer have been made available for purchase. Among all the proposed products here are the three most-appreciated types:

Inkjet Printer – It sprays tiny droplets of liquid ink onto the piece of paper. The quality of the print is determined by the precision, size of the dots and the type of ink that is used for printing.

It can be used to print both document and image based files. In case you want to generate high-quality photographic images, you can use top class ink and photo coated paper. It is considered as the best category of printers for those, who want cost effective ways of printing.

Laser Printer – It uses laser technology to create electrostatic image of the page projected on a charged photoreceptor. This charged receptor then attracts the toner (fine powder) at the targeted spots. In the modern era, laser printers are used in most of the offices that require hundreds of pages to be copied or printed during a single day.  The laser printer is a profitable investment for companies that are targeting a progressive growth of their organization.

Dot Matrix Printers (Imprimantes) – It uses a relatively old fashioned technology, which is rarely used nowadays. The printing quality of these printers is really very low. They are quite slow and produce a lot of noise during operation. Lots of government offices still use dot matrix printers even with all the inconveniences that they involve, most of the time in order to create invoices.

You can find lots of vendors on the web by performing a simple and direct search within a search engine. Many of these vendors will also provide you add-on services regarding repair and upgrading of primitive versions of their artifacts. Remember to compare products that are presented to you, the price and all the services that come with the product. The use of tools like Google Shopping is very interesting when you’re performing online shopping because it gives you a simple list with the prices and the evaluations of the products and provides you a direct link to the page where you can get more information and buy it.

The brand name that you’ll probably encounter the more often is Samsung and it is not an accident. Samsung produces all the type of printers I previously mentioned and many more types of printers and photocopiers. I bet that you won’t find any better quality/price ratio! You don’t believe me? Go and take note of it yourself.